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How to Price Your Home

Nov 19, 2021

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When we go into a home we evaluate really what we think the best price is, to price the house at, and then what happens from there is that the market tells us if we’re off or if we’re right on board. It basically comes down to that, if you go 10 days without a showing, or you don’t have 10 showings in 10 days, you know, you’re overpriced, and if you’re having 10 showings without an offer, you know, you’re overpriced as well. It
basically comes down to that. The market will actually tell us exactly where we’re at and what we need to look at. Figuring out what your asking price is one of the first impressions (in addition to photos), that people see. I know everyone thinks that everyone else finds everything online; because that’s the first place everyone
goes because it’s easy. We used to have to go and sit at our computer and, look it up. And, back in the day, you couldn’t even do that, because we didn’t have the internet. We’re spoiled today; we can just go on our phones. Some think that every house that’s on the market or every house that you’re going to purchase is online. And that’s a fallacy.

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