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Dec 8, 2021

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When it comes down to finding what you actually want to do when buying a home, you just need to let us know, then we can guide you through the process to find you the perfect house and find it with the least amount of hassle at the price that you want and in the neighborhood you want. Now we cannot create things that do not exist on the market, but we can operate optimally within the market. We’re always looking for properties that are not on the market, so you’re not competing with everyone and their brother to get it.

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We did sell this week, a new home that’s going to be finished in January. Our Client had picked a couple of houses that they wanted to see and we had picked some houses for them to see, one of them was this new bill that was going to be finished in January. It wasn’t available on any of the online sites, but we found it. They’re totally thrilled.
It is far superior to the other houses that they had looked at and the best part is, they didn’t have any competition. They didn’t have anyone else that was bidding against them to get this house. They’re going to be able to close in about 45 days when the house is actually going to be completed. So it ended up being a really win-win situation for them. Bottom line is that’s what we want to see for everyone, that you don’t have to compete. However, in this market, we know and understand that there are times when you do have to compete, and so you have to be ready and need to have your
best foot forward.

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