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Buyer 13 Cost to be Aware of.

Dec 14, 2021

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So we’ve got this free report, that’s β€˜The 13 Extra Costs to be Aware of Before Buying a Home’, and you don’t have to talk to anybody, if you want to get this report. You can just call our, 800 number, well its 833, and get this report. Leave an
email address or an address, and we’ll get it right off to you. So that number is 833-535-8081, extension 1008.

One thing is obviously insurance; that when you’re getting insurance on a property, you usually have to pay a full year in advance. That’s a closing fee that you have that maybe you weren’t anticipating, and that’s an extra $1000, $1200, $2000, depending on what you get in your insurance on your property, that you’re going to have to pay, on top of that, you have, the bank collecting money from you throughout the year, so that the next year you can pay the homeowner’s insurance and the taxes without having a big POP. Basically you’re going to have that situation where everything was saved for you. But when you go to close, they’re going to collect a few months in advance of both
taxes and insurance, so that there’s always going to be enough money in that escrow account. This is just one of the extra fees that you will come into, that is highlighted in this report.

Free Report Click here:πŸ‘‰ Visit our website:πŸ‘‰

Another thing that’s in this report is an appraisal fee. So that obviously costs money and the money on that is somewhere around $400 to $600, maybe even more, depending on, what kind of, property you’re buying, but an appraisal fee is something that is an additional fee for the buyer when you’re definitely getting a loan. And that’s usually when your money is tightest, right, when you’re getting a loan? The, next thing is property taxes that we talked about, they’re paid in arrears. If you buy your house in January, it’s going to be kind of a clean slate. Basically, you want to make sure that
you’re protected.

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